My Unexpected Luxembourg trip 🇱🇺

Last week I ventured to Luxembourg for work. Luxembourg has never been on my radar and was certainly not on my bucket list, but as I headed through the little towns and down the country roads making my way towards the campsite where I’d be working for a week I noticed the scenery which was so picturesque you could not fall in love. The reason for the title of this post is because of Visit Luxembourg tourism campaign named “unexpected Luxembourg” which describes my feeling towards my time there perfectly! With no expectations or embarrassingly not knowing much about Luxembourg at all, I was open to everything it has to offer!

The area I visited was the Mullerthal region, also known as “Luxembourg’s Little Switzerland” and you can see why nearly instance.

Town of Larochette

Thje campsite I was working on was in the town of Larochette, it’s a beautiful town first thing you’ll notice is the backdrop of the castle which definitely gives the town a fairy tale feel! And to top it off the cobbled narrow streets definitely, add to the magical feel. On our first venture out we explored some of the towns, lovely little cafes surround the square which gives great views of the medieval castle. A great location to stay at to discover this region if you have your own car I would say.

The second thing we did was to walk a small part of the Mullerthal Trail. The total trail is 112km which not only did we not have time for but I don’t think I could even complete. The part of the trail we headed to was filled rock formations, forest and greenery. Our first stop was the Schiessentumpel cascading waterfall. A short hike from the car park we came across this beautiful stop. The waterfalls have such a charming feel and could be the backdrop to any film that has fairy’s in as it’s so magical!

We then ventured to some more nature in The cave Houllay in Berdorf, only a short drive from the waterfalls.

Also stopped to look at the impressive water pump in the town, which you can see for miles.

Driving through the winding roads of the Mullerthal region we stopped serval times just because it was so pretty! Definitely, a location where you can just drive around and stumble upon things that you will enjoy!

On our second day out we headed to 12th century Castle of Beaufort. Which is another magnificent medieval castle. The castle was closed but definitely still worth a stop to gaze upon the impressive building.

My last stop was the capital of the Mullerthal region, Echternach. Echternach is also the OLDEST town in Luxembourg which already makes it pretty impressive but the medieval architecture and the charming features make it even more worth visiting.

Due to its famous dancing procession every Whit Tuesday, Echternach has been made a part of UNESCO’s Intangible world cultural heritage programme.

While there you can head to the Abbey which is free entry to learn more about this procession and Saint Williboard. We wandered the town and headed for coffee in the main square which has a cute vibe and had a fun atmosphere. An ideal finish for a snapshot for Luxembourg!

I decided to do this post as I would have probably NEVER have visited Luxembourg if I didn’t have to go for work, and I also don’t think I’ve met anyone who has been before now. That’s why I wanted to spread the word of the beauty of the country and I only explored one part! Would love to explore more and if I ever get the chance to I will.

Hope this has made you think about visiting Luxembourg in the future.

Safe Travels. Deb x


9 thoughts on “My Unexpected Luxembourg trip 🇱🇺

  1. I can only agree, we never really considered visiting Luxembourg before we actually ended up there on a road trip to France. The country might be small, but it does have a lot of amazing sights. One of my favorites was Vianden. A really beautiful town. It was also interesting to visit Schengen. 🙂

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